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Jamie Ross

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My name is Jamie Ross. I am Deaf, with good speech. As a child I attended a Deaf Unit within mainstream Primary and Secondary schools.

I began signing as a child to help me communicate. As a teenager I went to Doncaster College for the Deaf. This was a big culture shock for me. I embraced my Deaf identity and my signing skills improved a great deal, as everybody was doing it!

I began working as a teaching assistant in BSL classes. Later I qualified as a tutor and have been teaching different levels of BSL courses in various locations ever since.

All my life I have struggled with communication barriers, e.g. mealtimes, doctors appointments, meeting new people etc.

It is my passion to see people learning, enjoying and using British Sign Language. I want to spread Deaf Awareness so that Deaf and hearing people can communicate with one another. I feel people learn better and achieve more when they are enjoying themselves, so I try to make lessons fun and interactive. With over 40 years signing experience I feel I am the right person to teach you British Sign Language.


Leanne Ross

My name is Leanne Ross. I am hearing and I work as a freelance British Sign Language interpreter.  I became interested in sign language as a young child, as my grandmothers’ brother and his wife were Deaf. They seemed such good fun, and their positive attitude to life ignited an interest in Sign Language, which shaped my life.

I did my first BSL course aged 15, and then completed the necessary courses over the next 20 years (in between getting married and having a family).

I have experience of interpreting in a variety of settings and I also have a background working in Accounts, so I do the admin for J L Signing Services.

I too am passionate about good communication for Deaf people, so if you have any questions please contact us.

Why learn BSL?

- Most common form of Sign Language in Britain – Over 150,000 users!

- Approximately 9 million people in Britain have some form of deafness, which equates to 1 in 6 people, and that figure is expected to grow.

- Deaf Awareness course would be a positive approach under the Equality Act 2010.

- Anyone can become Deaf, through age, illness or accident.

- It has been an official language since 2003, so it would make you bi-lingual!

- Great hobby and a chance to make new friends

- It is not only useful to Deaf people that rely on BSL; if you cannot understand a customer who signs, you cannot do your job effectively!


What our clients think

"Jamie is a fantastic tutor who has made learning BSL enjoyable and given me a better appreciation for D/deaf culture."


"I have thoroughly enjoyed every week of my BSL course. Jamie is a fantastic tutor and I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn sign."


"Jamie was patient and understanding if we found things difficult. The lessons were fun. A good tutor."


"The course was very well presented, professional but also fun which has made it easier to learn. Jamie has the patience of a saint, his lessons were constructive and informative – would definitely recommend him."


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