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Deafness Awareness Training

This course is perfect for people with no knowledge of sign language. We give tips on good communication, an insight into Deaf culture, and teach some basic signs. This is a good place to start, to get a feel for BSL. It is also useful if you work with Deaf people. Courses are usually half day or full day sessions and can be customised for specific work places/domains. These courses are run on request.

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About our BSL Taster

These sessions are ideal for people who want to get a taste of BSL and have no experience of sign language. This session is fun, interesting and enjoyable.

In this 1 hour session, you will learn the basics of BSL; introducing you to British Sign Language, Deaf culture and finger-spelling. The sessions also include information on upcoming courses and options available, though there is no obligation to continue.

Please see our Facebook page for dates of upcoming Taster sessions

Introduction to Sign Language – Tuesday evenings 7-9pm – 6 weeks

No prior experience of signing necessary - A (2 hour per week), 6-week course which includes signs for ‘meeting and greeting’, finger-spelling, numbers etc. We cover some of the criteria for the 101 unit, so whilst un-accredited it forms part of the Level 1 Award.

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Level 1 Award in BSL - Tuesday evening 7-9pm - 24 weeks

Continuing from the Introduction, we teach you skills to exchange information with Deaf people on a range of topics, such as hobbies and interests, describing people, food and drink. 
Course fee includes lessons, mock assessments, and one assessment per unit. We will provide the tools to start you on your conversational journey.

See course specification:

Level 2 Certificate in BSL - Thursday 6:30-8:30pm - 30 weeks

This course focuses on vocabulary and fluency, building on previous learning.
 Course fee includes lessons, mock assessments, and one assessment per unit. This is an opportunity to improve facial expression, non-manual features (NMF) and extend vocabulary. See course specification

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Course 6

About our Pre-Level 3 BSL course - Saturday 1-2pm - Alternate 36 weeks

This course has been designed to bridge the skills gap between Level 2 and 3, and focuses heavily on vocabulary and fluency, but introduces learners to the theory and skills required for the BSL Level 3 Award.

This course in un-accredited and helps 'polish' skills ready for the Level 3 certificate. 

There is no assessment for this course.

Level 3 Certificate in BSL - Wednesday 6.00-9.00pm / Saturday 9.30am - 12.30pm - Alternate 42 weeks

This course has been revised and is now in a new format.  It meets the learning needs of those who already have competence in BSL at Level 2 and are interested in developing their skills further. 

Course fee includes lessons, handouts, mock assessments and two formal assessments. 

See course specification

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